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I think it is pretty normal that a family should get home from vacation on a holiday at 1:30 in the morning and get up early to go shopping for comics at a convention the same day. Well, maybe it is not normal. But it is what our family did. (Shhh! Don’t tell the Easter Bunny!)

It was our one day to attend WonderCon this year and we were not missing it! Okay, well maybe I wanted to miss it just a little. I hate crowds and this was guaranteed to be crowded. However, last year, I found $2.36 in change around the convention center and there was no way I was going to miss out on that opportunity again.

My husband and children like to go to the conventions for the comics and exclusives. I like to go for author sightings and unique art. Plus, costume spotting is a fun activity.

This year, WonderCon was fantastic. We always go to Comic-Con. This was our second time at WonderCon, because it was being hosted again in Anaheim, California. There were so many booths this year. It seemed half of the attendees were in costume. I had dissuaded my friends from attending this year based on my experience last year. However, I think I would recommend it for 2014.


No, I did not dress up! I’m a little too old and jiggly for that. But I did get into the spirit and wore this dress from Modcloth with a sexy Red Riding Hood print on it.. It is called Favorite Fairy Teal Dress.



I loved this booth by Wool Buddy. I cannot resist anything felted. It is a weakness I do not want to overcome. Look at his creations! Aren’t they cool?!


What girl can resist Indiana Jones? Isn’t he dreamy? I think he likes me. Ooooh, watch that whip! Or don’t….



Oh my gosh! It took all, and I mean all, of my self restraint not to purchase this gorgeous handmade giant leather book. It was on sale for $250. Can you imagine writing in it? I try to picture it generations from now being handed down to the next lucky soul.

“Treasure this son. It holds your Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother Jenni’s most treasured secrets. Most prized among them is the time she ate a whole sheet cake all by herself.”

Oh the memories it could hold! I will think about it for Comic-Con.

There were so many outrageously fun costumes this year. There were Stormtroopers, zombies and tons of Adventure Time characters. I did not see one Princess Leia slave costume. This was most unusual and I am sure ruined the day for many a teenage boy. There was a young lady with the fullest most beautiful breasts in a teeny tiny R2D2 outfit that probably calmed the sting of disappointment a little. I also spotted the following cool ensembles:


I have no idea what this spider girl is from. If you know, please tell me in the comments. I just know she took it to the extreme and was wearing stilts on all of her limbs!


This guy was dressed up as a scary character from one of my favorite video games, Bioshock. His eyes were creepy with different colored contacts. His friend gave my camera a very bad finger, and so unfortunately I had to cut him in half. The other picture I took did not turn out. Sorry cool dude! You were very pleasant and I loved your costume.


And I loved this girl’s Steampunk Mad Hatter outfit. I think she looks crazy awesome! I would go to a tea party hosted by her anytime.

So, that concluded our day at WonderCon. It was exhausting but fun. I picked up some cool pieces of art that I will showcase later. My family took home some comics. I did not see any authors. Patrick Rothfuss, where were you?

Oh, and I did not find one penny on the floor. Someone must have taken up my lucrative hobby. My son did get to buy his Halloween costume and wear it at the convention all day. You can’t beat that!


Have you been to any of the Cons? Were you there this year?

6 thoughts on “WonderCon 2013

  1. Having never been to any of the _cons, I now want to go for the people watching alone. Take me with you next time and I will plant myself in a corner and gawk and stare at all of the fUN. The best part, however, seems to be that killer little red riding hood dress. Love it.

    • Thanks Kerri! I love that dress too. Your kids would love it. Wonder-Con is a good place to get your feet wet. It is also cheaper than Comic-Con. It is actually fun. Draining, but fun! : )

  2. I love your fairy-tale dress- a perfect and subtle nod to the whimsical. I’ve never been to a Con, though my boyfriend’s extremely elaborate costume creations for Halloween beg for further outings (he thinks your son’s pixelated costume is genius BTW!). For some reason the Frankfurt book fair has become a cosplay event as well, and I get to go every few years. It’s funny to see all these serious book people interspersed with gangs of youngsters in wild anime costumes.

    I totally think your sheet-cake story is worthy of documenting for the future generations in that spectacular book, and I’m dying for some felted critters. I actually have a hankering to make an Adventure Time costume since I just recently got into the series…I love the idea of trying to translate those squarish flat forms into fabric! Princess Bubblegum would be fun!

    • Thank you so much! Your comment made my day! A Princess Bubblegum costume would be awesome. There were two that I saw at WonderCon that were amazing. They both had painted their faces something crazy. My son went to Comic-Con last year as Finn. My family loves the comic books of this series. The book fairs you go to sound so much fun. I cannot get enough of books. Have a fantastic day!

  3. What a conversation piece that oversize book would be. Never been to a gathering of this type. Love that Halloween costume that is on your young man. Is that some character that everybody recognizes? (except for me, I mean.)

    • I know, I loved that book! I kind of regret not getting it.

      The gear my son is wearing is from a video game him and his friends are obsessed with called Minecraft. I do not get it. My husband loves it.

      Thank you for commenting! It is always appreciated. Have a lovely day! : )

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