Dear Easter Bunny

We arrived home from vacation at 1:30 in the morning on Easter. Being the completely unprepared mommy that I am, I had absolutely nothing put together. Everything was purchased but it was not going to happen. The kids were told before our trip that eggs would wait an extra day.

This bad mommy wrote the sweet Easter Bunny a sad little letter. This is what it said (I have horrible writing. Thankfully, the Easter Bunny isn’t picky):


Yes, we asked the Easter Bunny to please visit us on Monday. He is very accommodating. This is not the first letter I have had to write to a fabled character. The Tooth Fairy has had an earful from me after forgetting not once, but twice to pick up my son’s tooth. She is a very flaky entity.

Here is what the Easter Bunny left:



I separated the eggs by color. My daughter’s were pink, purple, orange and yellow. My son got blue, green, and limey yellow. They were filled with small trinkets, stickers, candy, chalk and some notes that said, “See your parents.” They turned in the notes for items too big for eggs. This consisted of bubbles, a giant bouncy ball each, and pez dispensers. Each of them got one golden egg. Let’s bring some Christmas into this post (yes,I know that the lyrics do not quite go like this) and repeat that in song, shall we? “One golllllllddddeeeeeennn egg.” Thank you! I feel better now. This was turned in for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3ds. My husband and I live and breathe this game. It is our family heritage. That, and being very close friends with holiday magical beings.


My son is so cute with the notes saying, “see your parents.” He carefully walks the precious note over to me and exchanges it for a prize. My daughter, on the other hand, will look up and ask for her prize from across the room, “mom, I got another note.” I think the Easter Bunny really likes my handwriting, because he copied it perfectly for the eggs. At least, that’s what my son’s theory is.

Did the Easter Bunny come to your house? Have you ever had to write these holiday figures?

3 thoughts on “Dear Easter Bunny

  1. Well, Two children should equaled 40 tooth fairy deliveries!! Out of these 40 available delivery nights, I remembered exactly 2 times. Morning after was met with tears and always an apologetic note. I was the world’s most complete failure at tooth fairy!

    • That is so funny, because I do not remember the Tooth Fairy ever forgetting for us. I must have been her favorite. Or have blocked the gut wrenching memory from my mind forever! ; )

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