Finding Good Deals

Last week, I showcased a selection of pretty but rather expensive dresses. Today we’ll talk about bargain outfits. About 2/3 of my wardrobe are sale finds. The following outfits I put together for less than $120, head to toe.

Here are some of my tips for scoring the best deals:

1.) Don’t be vain. I do not know if it is losing a ton of weight, but I never let a size tag dictate if I will wear something. I always check the sales racks in all of the sizes. Who knows? It might have gotten to clearance, because it fits oddly. I wear a medium, but I check the small, medium and large racks. The item might be marked as a large, but fit like a medium. The true size large women have passed it up, because it was too small. The same holds true for smaller sizes. It could be a great find and you can always belt it.

2.) Think about tailoring. Nordstrom Rack gives you a yearly $100 free tailoring budget with their card. You do not have to have bought your clothes from there! Their debit card is linked directly to your checking account and you can earn rewards for your bargains. Double score!

3.) Be persistent. If you love something, but want it for a better price, keep checking up on it. Subscribe to blogs that will keep you posted on the sales at your favorite stores. I love for all of my Anthropologie tips.

4.). Do not be afraid of used clothing. Some of my very favorite purchases have been from lovely ladies on ebay selling their “old” clothing. As long as it states the condition of the clothes, I have no problem snagging their pieces for a steal. Just get them cleaned! If you have ever stayed in a hotel, you have slept in sheets a stranger has slept in. It is the same concept.

5.) Finally, if you really love something, it is okay to splurge (as long as you can afford to do so).


I am wearing a shirtdress from Nordstrom Rack, that again was in a different size than I would normally wear. It is a size small. It was marked down from $88 to $13. I just tucked it into an old clearance Anthropologie skirt (that’s the beauty of a “shirt”dress) that I bought for $40, 5 years ago. I paired it with some simple flats given to me from a sweet friend. The earrings are from H&M. I think they were $2. Total price for outfit: $55


Modcloth has a deal every couple of months, where you pay them $15, pick a size and they send you a random piece of clothing. They call it “Stylish Surprise.” It is a nonreturnable item. You never know what you are going to get. I got really lucky and scored with this Ikat dress they sent me. I find Modcloth runs small, so this is a large.

My husband and I had a disagreement about this dress. He hates the placement of the belt. I cannot say I am a huge fan, either. But that is where the waist is elasticized. And I happen to love the black and white pattern. Before this picture was taken, there was a huge fashion meltdown. It went like this:

“I have never seen anyone wear a belt like that before.”

“Why is your belt so high? I have never seen a belt worn that high before.”

Good times!

I paired the ikat dress with a belt from Anthropologie, $22.50. I am also wearing vintage boots, $50. The earrings are from Anthropologie (can you tell they are my favorite?), $32. Total price for outfit: $119.50


I bought this dress at the Nordstrom Rack (are you sensing a pattern?). It is Free People Denim Shirtdress. I think it retailed for $168. I paid $25.80. It is a large, but I belted it. I paired it with a Calvin Klein belt also from the rack for $25. I am wearing my old Ralph Lauren boots I bought 10 years ago for $100. I only buy $8 leggings from Target. The necklace is $45 (with shipping) from Simplylivly on Etsy. Total cost: $203.80. Yes, this is way over, but I wanted to show my dress score! : )

Do you have a favorite bargain tip? What has been your best score?

6 thoughts on “Finding Good Deals

  1. For the record, I have worn a belt that high many times! Also, on “What Not to Wear” they are always recommending you wear it there, as this is typically the smallest part of your waist.

    I am so in love with the Modcloth dress! Styled with the brown leather is what MAKES it! With back shoes and belt it would be so boring, but that is what most people would do.

    My favorite bargain store EVER is in New York City. It is Century 21. I get excited just thinking about all the fantastic deals I have gotten there! It is a HUGE store, and takes a dedicated all day shopping trip, with a lunch break in the middle. It is so good! (Let’s go to NYC!)

    • : ). I know, I like the belt with it as well! My husband thinks I look weird. Oh well. What do boys know? ; )

      Century 21 was amazing. I found it a little overwhelming, though. I am not good with crowds!

  2. I think the best idea I’ve come up with to hire you as my shopper! Seriously – you’d make a killing! And then I’d be so much better dressed. Win-win. 🙂 By the way, I was showing my lil guy your pics online, and he’s convinced that some of the pics are in fact Jenni, but that the others are most definitely your lil gal. Thought that was cute.

  3. That Modcloth dress is fantastic!! Be more than happy to take it off your hands, I’ll even pay shipping. ha-ha! What a great deal, I’m going to sign up for next ‘stylish surprise ‘. I second the idea that you could be personal shopper.

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