I married my husband because of Piers Anthony

Growing up, the world of Xanth (Piers Anthony’s creation) was so enrapturing. I loved the pun adapted world.


If you have not read these books, the synopsis is there is a magical world bordering our own (but our world is called Mundania, because we have no magic). Every person in Xanth has a magical talent and they often times find themselves trudging along Xanth’s paths to ask a question to the Good Magician Humphrey (who knows all). There are princesses and goblins. There are panty trees and pie trees. It is a great series for a young adult interested in fantasy.

As a young girl, I found the Adult Conspiracy titillating. The first book I read in the series was OGRE, OGRE. I loved Smash (an ogre) and his love story with Tandy (the nymph girl). I was hooked! I read every book in the series and impatiently waited for the next one to come out.


When my husband and I were on our third date, which also happened to be the third day we had seen each other, I broached the subject of fantasy and science fiction. I knew I really liked him, but I wasn’t sure we had the same interests.

I was reading HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY at the time. I asked him if he had read it. Not only had he, but he loved it!

Hmmm. I decided to up the ante.

“Have you ever heard of Xanth?”. I asked. I was sure he would fail the question as many had before him (well, not too many, I’m not that kind of girl).

“By Piers Anthony?”. He replied.

The universe stopped. I swear I felt every atom of my being melting and then rejoining together. I knew I would marry him. He had been to that world, just like I had! He understood.

We were married three months later. Since then we have shared a love for many more books and many more worlds, including this one. It has been a wonderful adventure. We always buy older editions of the XANTH series whenever we stumble upon them. Because we know it all started with Xanth and an author I will be forever indebted to, Piers Anthony.

Thanks for stopping by! Have you been to Xanth? What are you currently reading?

12 thoughts on “I married my husband because of Piers Anthony

  1. I love the picture of you in the orange dress with the book – really cute! Totally you! 🙂 That’s such a sweet story. You’re the one that introduced me to Xanth (actually the whole fantasy genre!!) – thank you for that! My favorite Xanth novel was Demons Don’t Dream, where the Mundane girl and boy go on a Xanth adventure and then end up falling in love. I’ve been meaning to read that one again….so enjoyable. Anyway, loved your love story! xoxoxo

  2. You know me Jenny, I am currently reading All You and Self magazine! Seriously how did we become friends?!? Not our interest in books obviously our common interest of being plain awesome women!! LOL

  3. I’m curious what size you are wearing in the At Seaini dress. would you say its tts or large on top? So cute on you!

      • Thank you! I am wearing a size 8. It runs true to size. I am usually an 8. However, I am now a B cup after my weight loss. If you are a larger size cup, I do not know how this will fit. It is weirdly shaped across the top, even with the stretch of material. I LOVE this dress. It is such a funky hippie feeling dress! However, it might not fit a larger cup size. Sorry if this is TMI. I like to be honest! Thanks for commenting! : )

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