Who Needs More Seating?

Target has a new line of home products out called THRESHOLD. They remind me of the years Target would do that wonderful GLOBAL BAZAAR and host aisle upon aisle of pretty finds from around the world. I scored so many pieces during those clearances (which is probably why they discontinued it).

My favorite items from the new line are the rope products. They have large and small wooden picture frames intermingled with colorful rope. I cannot resist them. In the past two months I have purchased four (thanks mom for the gift card : ) ). Two small and two large. They run $14.99 for the small and $19.99 for the large. They are lickably beautiful.


The other day I was wandering the aisles, because they sell my children’s orthodontic brushes pretty reasonably, and I found myself in the small THRESHOLD aisle. There were two beautiful rope benches side by side. My heart started pounding. I loved the picture frames, but these benches were the picture frames on steroids. Here is the link for the bench


I was not sure where I would put them and so I left them there crying for their mommy to take them home. They were $99.99 each and I did not want to make a rash decision. I went home with my sad bag of dental products.

I spoke to my husband about it and “we”agreed the benches would fit perfectly behind the couch in our living room. I went to Target the next evening. As I walked into the store, I scanned everyone’s cart, certain it would hold my babies. But everyone had their cart stuffed with their own screaming wants. I made it to the aisle and there they were, still paired together. They didn’t even miss me! I snatched them up and quickly paid for them with my Target Debit card (saving 5%).


I think they look really cute where they are and as my husband says with his face straight, “They are great, because we always need more seating.” Oh honey, don’t you know one day we are going to throw a fabulous party and won’t you be sad if someone is left standing?

My son has found a new use for them in the meantime.


What have been your screaming wants recently?

6 thoughts on “Who Needs More Seating?

  1. I really love those benches – they were absolutely meant for your home! Just beautiful! This has nothing to do with furniture, but I wanted to let you know about my screaming want/obsession lately. I cannot get enough of the Neutrogena MoistureSmooth color sticks. They look similar to the Clinique chubby sticks, but are a 100 times better (plus about 1/2 the price of Clinique’s!!). They are so moisturing, it feels like you’re wearing a good chapstick, but with really pretty color. I try out an insane amount of lipsticks (I think I may have a problem…), but these are the best I’ve tried in a very long time. Hope you try it out – let me know what you think.

    • Thanks! I will definitely try it. I am allergic to Neutrogena, so I will have to look at the ingredients first. But I love a chubby stick. I swear a friend of mine was just talking about these!

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