My husband and I are book hoarders. We have over 1000 books and love every one of them. We love to scour the used book store. Our city library also has a wonderful little addition that sells used books for a great price. The little old ladies in there are so cute. They are avid readers and have a good knowledge of what they have in stock.

On a recent trip to the used book store, my husband and I scored this almost complete set (I still need the one that came out this year) of hardcover Robert Jordan’s WHEEL OF TIME series for $50. My husband actually contemplated not getting them, but was quickly persuaded by my look of astonishment at his indecision. We scooped them up and when we got home, we pulled up comparable prices for these books and two of them went for more than the price we paid for all 14 books. All right, I am done boasting.


When I was 14, I read THE EYE OF THE WORLD (the first book in the series) and remember being sorely disappointed when I reached the end of the giant book and it wasn’t finished. This blew my mind. I had no idea an author could do that. You mean, the book is not over, there is another one, and then another one. It was extremely unsatisfying and my young fourteen year old heart vowed to never read another word of this series until it was completed.

I had no idea that would be 21 years. My husband read these books like a faithful reader and would scoff at my headstrong stubbornness. Well, the books are finally finished. So, who’s laughing now? Probably still him, but I no longer have to wait, ’cause we all know waiting is for chumps (or adults, as they are called in the “real” world).


(I am wearing an Anthropologie dress from many years ago. I remember the tag said the sale price was $79.99 down from $200 something, but at the register it rang up for $19.99! Super score! I am also wearing Anthropologie Honeycomb earrings, and vintage boots)

There are 14 (15 if you count the prequel) books total. The author passed away before he finished the books. The books were finished by one of my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson. I cannot wait to see what sort of spin he puts on these books, because he has the best “never would have guessed that would happen” moments.

I am on the fourth book, THE SHADOW RISING. It is so good. Well, you know I think it is starting to get good, because someone finally kissed! Yes, I, Jenni, managed to get through three 700 page books, with naught a kiss in sight. Am I an adult now?

The books are about a young farmboy who is plucked from his village along with his two friends and girlfriend. They all have their own struggles and special talents that they deal with along the way. Of course, there is magic and many homey inns to stay at. I like that the women in these books have so much power. The details in these books make you feel like each character is your best friend. For being around 700 pages each, they really are easy reads. Much easier, but not better written than, GAME OF THRONES.


Have you read these books? What book are you reading now? I hope you are having as much fun as I am, in whatever world you decide to explore.

8 thoughts on “Reading: THE WHEEL OF TIME

    • I loved WAY OF KINGS. NIGHT CIRCUS is a great book, but it stumbles at the end. I haven’t read SNOW CRASH. I will have to check it out! Thanks for commenting! I appreciate it.

  1. I love that you are an avid reader of such rich and brilliant stories! In addition to being beautiful and a creative cook! I just started Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind:)

  2. I’m currently reading The Eye of the World. Really loving it!! It’s a much easier, quicker read than I had expected. Funny too! After this book, I’m planning on re-reading the first two books by Peter V Brett before I start on the third in his series. Gonna be good!

  3. I am on the cusp of completing the 5th book in GAME OF THRONES. i now know how i will conquer that “end of a good series blues”…..I’m adding THE WHEEL OF TIME to my list!!!!

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