I love clothes!

Yes, I can finally say that! When I was heavier I would buy clothes based on what I could conceal. I never felt unattractive and I think all shapes and sizes are beautiful. I lost the weight purely because I was pre-diabetic and I hate needles. With that said, it is so much fun to buy clothes in a standard store and have them fit.

So, buying clothing has become an obsession. A total addiction. A heart pounding, pulse racing kind of time. Here are some recent outfits I have pulled together:


This dress is Splendour in the Grass dress by Free People. I purchased mine off of ebay for half price, plus no tax (shhhhhh!) and free shipping. I always check ebay for the clothing I want. Often times it is being sold for a severe discount. I have never had a problem purchasing from ebay (knock on wood).

The inspiration for my look came from this post by Mary from Happily Grey. I tried the dress she is wearing and it looked awful on me. But she rocked it!

I am wearing a size small, which really is a great reason to buy any dress. It definitely runs large. I paired it with vintage Frye cowboy boots from the flea market (which my sister borrowed over a week ago and I fear they are gone for good). I am wearing a necklace by a fantastic woman on etsy. Her store name is simplylivly. This necklace goes with all most everything in my closet. You can make it shorter or longer just by tying the knot in the back. Plus, I love the way I trinkle when I bend over. The definition of this word actually means to act secretly or in an underhanded way. I changed it to represent a sound. This is a derivative of the words tinkle and trinket. As in; I am glad this lovely trinket is making such a pretty sound and I am not tinkling whilst bending over. Here is a link to this necklace.


I am wearing Free People New Romantics Speak Easy Shift Dress. I scored this dress during their 25% off sale purchase promo for $23. I paired it with Anthropologie pilcro stet pants in this lovely color of flesh. Honestly, though, I love this color pink. The necklace is a fun rabbit made to look like old fashioned lace. I found it in a day spa and was surprised because it matched nothing else there. So, of course I had to buy the white rabbit and “give” it to my daughter. Isn’t funny how everything just works out?

The boots are vintage from the flea market. I paid $50 for them and they are beyond comfortable. It took me a little bit of time to get over the thought of wearing someone else’s sweaty old shoes (because of course they were sweaty). Practicality won over, because they are so much cheaper than new cowboy boots. By now the germs have got to be dead. Right. Right?

I love the worn look of both boots.

As always, thank you for following me! Which look do you like best?

14 thoughts on “I love clothes!

  1. You look great in both outfits! So much style & personality. And that lilac outfit you’re wearing in another part of your blog is soooo classy.

  2. I love you in both outfits, although I’m always biased toward your twirly dresses, so I would give outfit #1 a slight edge just for that reason. So happy to read about your derivative of the words tinkle and trinket…wordplay and word-smithing can be so fun! It’s always a delight to hear your perspective on things – outfits, words, life. You are unique and wonderful!

  3. I, for one, love both of these looks. The speak easy shift is a fun look, but the splendor in the grass dress is STUNNING. I am most excited about your “trinkling” necklace… I am ways on the hunt for the perfect necklace and I’m now off to follow that link to etsy.

  4. I love both! You look fantastic in both! Ugh, I have to CHOOSE??? Ok. I pick outfit #2. I am a sucker for a skinny jean, and blushy pink to boot! 🙂

  5. Your boots were made for walking…..into my closet! Haha! Just kiddin’. You’ll get them back real soon – I promise. I really like you in pants since you don’t wear them all that often and the color is super pretty with your skin tone, but my fave is still the dress pic. I really love that dress. Kinda of modern/western Anne of Green Gables look…too cute! 🙂

  6. My fav is the Free People New Romantics dress w the flesh colored pants. You look great in both, but I like the second look becasue it is not often times I see you in that look. I can always count on your cute colorfull dresses, but to see you in pants is something else! A lovely…something else!. You make me wanna loose oh say 30 more pounds and have the creative fashion you have tell everyone I am happy with who I am, be my own person…I LOVE & ADMIRE YOU!!!

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